This is my cheat sheet for compiling Intel Thread Building Blocks (TBB) on Raspbian for the Pi v2 (ARMv7) and then compiling EmguCV with it:

# Download and unpack
tar xvf tbb43_20150611oss_src.tgz
cd tbb43_20150611oss

# Make flags from

Now the bins will have been created somewhere like


Change into that folder and execute this script which will set the environment variables so the comiler will find our tbb binaries:


Now change to the emgucv root folder and copy the cmake line from $\platforms\raspbian\cmake_configure but set WITH_TBB=true:


and finally lets build EmguCV/OpenCV executing make

Now we have a set of OpenCV binaries targeting TBB and the four cores of the Raspberry Pi 2!

Also see the August 2016 update for Raspberry Pi 3