It is getting even easier to build EmguCv and OpenCV for the Raspberry Pi. Recent commits to EmguCV have added build support for Raspbian. From commit [1fa5e56] I only had to follow the EmguCV instructions with a minor tweak.

At near 100% complete compilation, there was an error

fatal error: opencv2/hal/defs.h: No such file or directory 

which I solved with

mkdir ~/emgucv/opencv/modules/core/include/opencv2/core/opencv2/hal -p

cp ~/emgucv/opencv/modules/hal/include/opencv2/hal/defs.h ~/emgucv/opencv/modules/core/include/opencv2/core/opencv2/hal

Note that EmguCV's CMAKE builds OpenCV with TBB=FALSE - disabling support for Intel's Thread Building Blocks. TBB isn't available on Raspian's ARM hard float Wheezy at the time of writing (via apt-get package management at least). I plan to get this going at some point though. Face detection in OpenCV uses the detectMultiScale method which should get a nice speed boost on the Raspberry Pi 2 when TBB is enabled.