I needed to repair my Roboking VR6272LVM but couldn't find any guides on how to take it apart. Here is what I worked out.

Take a reasonably thick (not jewellers - too thin) flat head screwdriver and insert it from the inside through the 1cm gap in the body (see position 1 in the diagram).

Screwdriver insertion points

Work the screwdriver in so that it has levered up the the plastic cover on the outside as well.

While leaving that screwdriver in place, get a second small flat head screwdriver and insert from the opposite side (2). Start working it gently down and around the edge (3).The latches should start popping out easily.

Once done on the outside, start working around the inside edge which also has some latches.

Now the cover can be removed revealing around 6 standard Philips head screws. Removing these allows the shell to be separated and disassembly is straight forward from there.